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The average rates of penetration at the Nong-Yeganskoye field were considerably increased through the use of new PDMs by Radius-Service and expertise of Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia personnel.
  • Drill the 215.9-mm section according to plan at maximum ROP without additional trips
  • Drill at a flow rate of 38 L/s to improve cuttings removal from annulus at estimated high ROP
  • Improve the previous record for average ROP of 35 m/h at the Nong-Yeganskoye field
  • Use PDM with R-Wall power section RS172N645W
215,9 mm
Drilled the 215.9-mm section in four wells in one run
65 m/h
Set an absolute record for ROP at 65 m/h in one run at Well 2030. The footage was 2353m
55 m/h
Achieved 55-m/h average ROP for four wells of this pad
57 %
Increased average ROP by 57% for four wells of the pad, resulting in well construction time reduction