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DRU-195RS motor passed the field test in well 132 of the Kuleshovskoye field and received approbation for use in Samaraneftegaz.
  • Evaluate the drilling performance of Radius-Service’s DRU-195RS motors in the Kuleshovskoye field.
  • Run a DRU-195RS motor with RS195N754 power section to drill a section for the production string.
ROP per run increased by 34.7% from 1263m to 1702m
ROP target met
Consistent performance across a broad depth range at 34-38 l/s

The DRU-195RS motor with RS195N754 power section demonstrated superior reliability and exceptional performance. Using the 195mm motor with its improved design helped save rig time and achieve solid financial gain. The DRU-195RS motor from Radius-Service is recommended for use in Samaraneftegaz.