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With DRU4-172RSF downhole motor, INK-Service, LLC achieved a 31% gain in the rate of penetration while drilling well no. 220 of the Markovskoye field.
  • Determine the efficiency of the Radius-Service’s DRU4-172RSF motor during well drilling operations in the Markovskoye field.
  • Run DRU4-172RSF motor to allow drillstring rotation with 20% higher RPM than would be normally used with a conventional motor and the same motor bend.

Utmost reliability and steady performance of the DRU4-172RSF motor throughout the run Total running hours of the DRU4-172RSF motor were as follows:

871 m
38.2 h
Drilling time
70.8 h
Total pumping time
22.8 m/h

The DRU4-172RSF motor ensured superior drilling efficiency compared to conventional motors.

The average ROP was 22.81 m/h which was 31% above the average rate of penetration observed in similar well intervals of the Markovskoye field.

The gain in the penetration rate saved 0.8 days of the well construction time. The DRU4-172RSF motor allowing for increased drillstring RPM has received the approbation from INK- Service, LLC.