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Radius-Service continuously works to improve the motor design, seeking to maximize the tool reliability and minimize well delivery time.  

The motor modifications (DRU-240RSFK with a hollow rotor and DRU4-172RSF with a shorter bit to bend distance and optional stabilization) showcased their reliability and efficiency in comparison to conventional motors in the Markovskoye field.

The recent modifications of a 240mm motor are more versatile and stand out compared to conventional alternatives because: a shorter motor length obviates the need to drill a rathole with a rotary BHA for making up a motor BHA, thus saving the time typically spent on switching from one BHA to another; a hollow rotor helps lessen vibration loads and minimizes the probability of failure of expensive surface equipment (top drive).

The revamped 172mm motors support a flow rate up to 45 l/s, bringing a dramatic gain in the rate of penetration due to the increase in the rotary speed of the motor shaft and better wellbore cleanup. With a reduced bit to bend distance, the max allowable drill string rotary speed may be upped, back reaming is no longer a taboo and the drill string allows rotation during back reaming after sliding.

Today, we are privileged to offer our customers reliable products that have been upgraded to allow drilling at peak speed, resulting in reduced well construction time, lower rig maintenance costs and improved drilling efficiency.

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