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In the course of operations under the rental contract with INK-Service, the Radius-Service D-240RS motor with a hollow rotor dramatically reduced shocks and vibration during drilling of the surface casing section in well 431 of the West-Ayansky license block.

The D-240RS motor with the RS240N735 power section showed great versatility and produced excellent results. The motor helped reduce well construction time by increasing the mean ROP to 40.27 m/h and reducing the R/U and R/D time. The shorter power section with the hollow rotor dramatically suppressed the drill string vibration, eliminating the need for additional downtime during drilling of the surface casing section that would typically be necessary for the repair of the mounted drilling equipment. The operations showed that the D-240RS motor supported a lower flow rate, to prevent washouts at the wellhead, without compromising the output of the power section.

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