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Radius-Service's DRU-240RSFK motor with a hollow rotor significantly reduced drill string vibration during 393.7mm and 295.3mm section drilling in well 721 of Markovskoye field developed by INK-Service, LLC.

The DRU-240RSFK motor with a hollow rotor was proven to have a significant edge over motors with conventional sections in terms of shock and vibration reduction. The vibration reduction achieved with the motor allowed to drill the specified intervals at full capacity, maximize the drillingefficiency without compromising the integrity of the wellhead equipment. The rate of penetration in the 393.7mm section was 35.8 m/h; in the 295.3mm section - 23.43 m/h that exceeded what was previously achieved in other wells of the Markovskoye field.

INK-Service LLC plan to run the DRU-240RSFK motor with a hollow rotor in the coming wells to dampen shocks and vibration when drilling 393.7mm and 295.3mm sections.

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