Innovative developments for more efficient drilling


Радис-Сервис, логотип Radius-Service has implemented a new technology called HVAF (High Velocity Air Fuel). This is a thermal spray process for deposition of high performance coatings on rotors and other complex components with the length up to 9 000 mm (29.53 ft) and weight up to 2 tons.

The unique structure of HVAF coating protects against crack extension and delamination. The process is fully automated to guarantee consistent quality and high performance of coatings.

  • Improved performance characteristics of the coating (micro hardness, wear resistance, adhesion strength, and resistance to thermal cycling)
  • No thermal deformation of the part during the spray-on process (maximum process temperature 200° С)

  • Multiple repairs of worn-out parts
  • HVAF technology allows coating thickness up to 0.6mm (0.002 ft) and even more which makes it useful for repairing worn-out parts

Ресурс — до 1000 часов работы

HVAF coating life up to 1 000 hours depending on the drilling conditions

Высокая прочность изделий

High strength of products