Innovative developments for more efficient drilling


The R-Wall power section includes a stator with a monolithic contoured tube and an elastomer of uniform thickness. The thickness range is 5–12 mm (0.2"-0.3" in) depending on the motor size. The rotor design is similar to that of conventional power sections. This type of profile increases torque output, maximizes capacity and provides a 1.5–2 time higher differential pressure.

The contoured stator enhances the tooth hardness while retaining all other gearing characteristics. Manufacturing of this stator type is based on the electrochemical processing technology that allows forming a stator profile without direct touching of the part by the forming tool. This technology is unique for Russia. High reliability of R-Wall stators is provided by unique molds for coating the contoured internal surface with the elastomer of uniform thickness in both radial and axial directions throughout the stator length.

The R-Wall technology is now used for 95 mm (3 3/4" in), 106 mm (4 3/16" in), 172 mm (6 3/4" in) and 195 mm (7 11/16" in)

stators with length up to 5 500 mm (18.04 ft).

  • Power output is increased by 50% compared to conventional power sections of the same length
  • Reduced impact of downhole temperature and drilling fluid on the stator elastomer ensures its performance at high temperatures and in oil-base drilling fluids
  • High performance characteristics are maintained in a wide range of depths and temperatures
  • Higher stall torque of the power section prevents motor shutdown under increased load
  • Motors with the contoured stator can be used at higher differential pressures than motors with the conventional power section
  • Shorter even wall power sections improve BHA steerability due to a shorter distance between the MWD system and the bit and improve well drilling control

Мощность на 50% больше, чем у классических секций

Power output increase by 50%

Исключена вероятность остановки двигателя за счёт повышения тормозного момента

Higher stall torque rules out the possibility of the motor shutdown


Reduced impact of temperatures and drilling fluids on the stator elastomer

Стабильная энергетическая характеристика

High performance characteristics maintained in a wide range of depths and temperatures

Возможность эксплуатации при больших дифференциальных перепадах давления

Motors can be used at higher differential pressures