Innovative developments for more efficient drilling


Since 2015 Радис-Сервис, логотип Radius-Service has been manufacturing advanced motors.

R-Vortex is a straight-type motor with a reinforced bearing section for use with rotary steerable systems (RSS).

R-Force is a new type of motors to be used at maximum drilling parameters in all well types.

Design features: Reinforced bearing section and shorter bit box to bend.

R-Force motors allow intense angle buildup, effective well trajectory control, drill string rotation rate up to 120 rmp at a motor bend of up to 1.5 degrees, hence they maintain the required Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) and provide wellbore cleaning.

To ensure the best results advanced motors can be completed with R-Wall even wall power sections.

  • High drilling performance under complicated conditions

  • Reduced well construction time

  • Reliable operation in oil-base drilling fluids and at high temperatures

Работают до 500 часов без подъема.

Continuous operation for as long as 500 hours without pulling out of the hole

Дают прирост механической скорости до 50%

ROP increase up to 50%

+30% межремонтный ресурс

Between service period extended by 30%