Innovative developments for more efficient drilling


The all-purpose RJ2-2HM jars combine mechanical and hydraulic features.

  • The hydraulic section functions both during the strain and compression of the jar
  • The mechanical section rules out unintentional firing during drilling or tripping
  • The jar can be installed at any place in the drill string, both above and below the neutral point
  • The main feature of this design is jarring against a stuck point with a variable pull/push and magnitude of impact in either direction
  • Recommended for use in highly deviated holes with a high friction coefficient where it is problematic to generate a load sufficient to reset the jar

Работа в скважинах со сложным профилем

Ensure excellent performance in highly deviated holes and at a high friction coefficient

Возможность эксплуатации при температуре 200 °C

Can be used at 200° C when fitted with high-temperature seals

Продукция запатентована

Patented product