30 years on the drilling equipment market

The Quality Management System (QMS) of Радиус-Сервис, логотип Radius-Service is documented, implemented and continuously improved in accordance with the international standards. The QMS applies to design, manufacture, and maintenance of equipment for drilling and servicing of deep wells, as well as to threading of shouldered thread connections.

In 2011 our company was successfully audited by American Petroleum Institute (API) and our Management System was certified as per API Spec Q1, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 29001, and licensed to use the API monogram on the products manufactured in accordance with API Spec 7-1.

Additionally, our Service Center in Surgut was certified and licensed according to the API standards.

Every year Radius-Service confirms full compliance of our Management System with requirements of API Spec. Q1 (ver. 9) and ISO 9001, and validity of the license for using the API monogram on the products manufactured in accordance with API Spec. 7-1.

Our products is certified in compliance with the requirements of Technical Regulation of the Customs Union TR СU 010/2011 ‘On Safety of Machines and Equipment’ and approved by Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.


Радиус-Сервис, логотип Radius-Service takes responsibility to provide products/services in conformance with the specified requirements.

The Company Quality Management System is maintained and continually improved through inner audits and key performance analysis held by the Company Top Management, as well as training of our quality management personnel.

The Company Management conducts business by reinforcing across the organization the idea of the priority of Customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance, and by defining our Quality Policy and Objectives with all the required resources provided.

Радиус-Сервис, логотип Radius-Service declares that our main quality objective to establish and grow our market share by improving our competitiveness through provision of high-quality products and services in compliance with customers’ demands and expectations.