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Standard Motors


Positive Displacement Motors (PDMs) are designed for horizontal, directional and vertical drilling of oil and gas wells, along with sidetracking and well repair and rehabilitation.


Радиус-Сервис, логотип Radius-Service manufactures, sells and rents about 120 options of positive displacement motors for different drilling conditions in sizes of 43–240 mm (1 11/16"– 9 5/8" in) and power section length up to 6 500 mm (21.33 ft).

  • DRU series are motors with adjustable bent housing assembly, bend angle can be adjusted on the rig
  • DOT series are steerable motors, bend angle can be adjusted at a specialized service base
  • D series are straight motors for vertical drilling

By modifying PDM’s main components and parts, Радиус-Сервис, логотип Radius-Service manufactures premium quality motors for special applications:

  • R-Force motors are used for drilling extended intervals, requiring long motor life
  • R-Vortex motors are used with rotary steerable systems (RSS)

Motors are manufactured for different operational conditions including:

  • High-temperature (up to 160° C)
  • Oil product content in the drilling fluid over 10%
  • Chloride ion content over 50 kg/m³

See the detailed Specifications  in the TABLE and Performance Characteristics  in the TABLE

  • Reliable and proven design
  • Smart placement of bearings and excellent motor steerability
  • Highly effective upper and lower catchers
  • Robust hard-faced radial bearings
  • Heavy-duty oil-sealed drive shafts
  • Adjustable bent housing assembly with a good track record in harsh horizontal drilling environments
  • Power sections — up to 6 500 mm (21,33ft) long
  • Use of advanced elastomers
  • Reliable threadlockers are used to prevent the release of connections prone to back-off
  • Motors can be completed with R-Wall power sections
  • Motors may be fitted with stabilizers, downhole screens, dump and float valves
  • Total running hours of motors per year is over 500 000 hours

Долгий срок эксплуатации

Extended life of motors

Хорошая управляемость двигателем

Excellent motor steerability

Повышение эффективности противоаварийных устройств

Enhanced efficiency of emergency devices

Прочность резьбовых соединений

Firm threaded connections

Возможность комплектации двигателей под разные задачи

Motor configurations for different applications

Система менеджмента качества предприятия проходит постоянную сертификацию

The company’s quality management system is constantly certified by the American Petroleum Institution (API) for compliance with API Spec Q1