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Since its establishment, Радиус-Сервис, логотип Radius-Service has used the latest engineering developments in the equipment manufacturing industry and has constantly improved its technological processes. The rotor protection technology is one of the company’s business lines.

Type of coating Coating life, hours
Standard drilling fluids Salt-saturated fluids
Uncoated stainless steel 150…200 150…200
Chrome plating 250…300 50…70
HVAF tungsten carbide 500…1000 500…1000


The power section rotors are made of high-strength steel.

To increase the rotor coating life, the line for hard chrome plating of 43–240 mm
(1 11/16"– 9 5/8" )
rotors was launched at Radius-Service’s second industrial site. The rotor can have the maximum length of 8 000 mm (26.24 ft). The chroming line is equipped with a high-performance etch-free plating solution for a high-quality coating. The porosity-free and crack-free microstructure of the coating ensures increased corrosion resistance of the rotor. The chrome-plated rotor can be used in fluids with the chloride-ion content of < 50 000 mg/l.

The chrome plate life of the coating is shorter in salt-saturated fluids. To extend the rotor coating life in aggressive chloride-ion environments, the thermal spray unit for deposition of high performance and corrosion resistant coatings called HVAF (High Velocity Air Fuel) has been purchased and implemented. The high-performance coatings extend the rotor life in salt-saturated drilling fluids up to 1 000 hours. The fully automated process ensures the sustained quality of coatings and high performance of rotors due to enhanced micro hardness, wear resistance, and adhesion strength.

The rotor with a tungsten carbide coating is efficient in fluids with the chloride-ion content of > 50 000 mg/l.



  • Manufactured from high-strength steel

Hard-chrome spraying:

  • Porosity- and crack-free coating

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance due to special microstructure of the coating

  • All-length uniform chrome coating

HVAF process:

  • Improved performance characteristics of the coating (micro hardness, wear resistance, adhesion strength, and lasting quality during thermal cycling)

  • HVAF coating life up to 1,000 hours depending on the drilling conditions

  • Multiple repairs of worn-out parts

Освоены технологии защиты ротора

Rotor protection technologies have been implemented

Возможность выбора покрытия под конкретные условия эксплуатации

Coating can be selected for specific operating conditions

Повышенный ресурс работы ротора

Extended rotor life