Professional expertise and innovative technologies


We use a wide range of hoisting equipment, hydraulic tongs, and casing running systems for casing and tubing running operations. A string reaches the target depth within the shortest time and with maximum safety and integrity. The advanced software is used for pre-job analysis of casing or tubing running. Based on the results we offer our customers optimized solutions for the running technology and equipment to reduce the running-in time and minimize the likelihood of casing not reaching the bottom.

We use the following equipment:

  • Hydraulic tongs of standard type or with counter tongs for premium-class connections. Sizes vary from 60 to 508 mm

  • Hydraulic units (electrical or diesel) designed for Arctic conditions

  • Hosting equipment: elevators, spiders, safety clamps, hand-type pipe slips, links. Maximum lifting capacity – 500 tons. Sizes vary from 60 to 762 mm

  • Auxiliary equipment: quick release thread protectors, guides, gauges, special equipment for high chrome casing running

  • Makeup torque analysis software

  • Casing running systems

  • Dopes

All equipment complies with API standards and can have Arctic or explosion-proof design


  • Quick assembly to the Top Drive System – 1 threaded connection

  • There is no need in special lifting equipment during on-site assembly of the system

  • Reduced number of personnel involved in casing running

  • No hydraulics – no risk of hydraulic hose freezing / collapsing

  • Casing string reciprocation and circulation at any moment during running-in

  • Where required it can replace some standard equipment for casing running: hydraulic tongs, hydraulic units, elevator-spider, or circulation tools

  • Can be used in wells with multiple alternate intervals that require and do not require enlargement

  • Borehole enlargement in highly abrasive formations