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Радиус-Сервис, логотип Radius-Service has launched a line for hard chrome plating of 75 mm (2 7/8" in) - 240 mm (9 5/8" in) PDM rotors.

Твёрдое хромирование

Твёрдое хромирование

Chrome plating plant capacity:

  • Thickness of coating can be specified (up to 600 µm) and adjusted

  • Maximum length of the part – 8,000 mm


  • Porosity- and crack-free microstructure

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance

  • All-length uniform chrome coating

The equipment is designed in compliance with all health, safety and environmental regulations of the Russian Federation.

Before hard-chrome plating

До твёрдого хромирования

After hard-chrome plating

После твёрдого хромирования