Professional expertise and innovative technologies


Introduction of such processes as chrome plating, ultrasonic spraying of high-performance coating, implementation of multiple stator elastomer (rubber), spraying of special glues of set thickness, has given rise to the services on relining of power sections.

Relining of power sections is quite a difficult technological process that includes repair of the main components of the PDM power section, i.e. stator and rotor, to provide the initial (pre-operation) characteristics of the power section.

Radius-Service has the necessary equipment for relining power sections with a length up to 6 500 mm (21.33 ft). The maximum length of rotors that can be relined is 7 000 mm (22.97 ft).

Our company offers the relining service for rotors with both chrome coating and tungsten carbide spraying.

The in-house production of molds and extensive design expertise enable us to promptly develop and manufacture the necessary equipment for relining power sections of any size.

To ensure efficient and reliable operation of power sections in oil-base fluids and at high temperatures we introduced the multiple stator elastomer of high hardness (RP type). The RP elastomer is manufactured by a reputable foreign company and has resistance to fluids with oil content up to 100% and bottom-hole temperature up to 160° С.

Relined worn-out stator and rotor parts enable our customers to reuse their failed power sections. Radius-Service ensures reliability, long life and power characteristics of relined power sections.